Friday, July 3, 2020

A 10-year time-lapse of the Sun has been released by NASA

The Sun is responsible for life on Earth. Without it, life would not be possible on Earth, we won’t be here, and it also plays a vital role in our everyday lives. With all these, it is a real shame not to be able to see the Sun directly. But scientists have found a way to solve this problem, without even getting our retinas scorched.

One such instrument is the Solar Dynamics Observatory, which observes the Sun constantly and is also named as an “unblinking eye.” SDO produces observations by capturing ultraviolet wavelengths, which helps to see the star’s corona, the outermost layer of a star.

The SDO has been observing the Sun for a decade, every activity and spot continuously.

NASA recently released a time-lapse that is incredibly beautiful. It shows ten-year observations from the Sun in a one hour video.

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The video is available up to 4k resolution, which is brilliant. It shows the entire activity of the star. There are also magnetic loops covering a high percentage on its surface, which eventually disappears, leaving the surface calm.

This is a part of the regular sun cycle, where the sun moves from a period of high activity called as Solar Maximum to a period of low activity named as Solar Minimum.

These observations will help in keeping track of solar storms and other space weather that can affect Earth.

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