Archaeologists make a “frightening” discovery in Poland… What is it?

The wonders of archeology continue to give us a new surprise every day. Recently, in southeastern Poland, archaeologists were surprised to find a mass burial area with at least 119 tombs.

The “scary” archaeological discovery containing the skeletal remains of children and young people buried in mass graves was found in the village of Jeeowe in the Subcarpathia region of southeastern Poland, and their coins found with their mouths.

Scientists have traced the history of the remains of these structures until the seventeenth century AD. They established that 80% of these remains belonged to children, which implies the children may have been buried, or indicated that the child mortality rate at that time was significant.

In seeking to reveal more secrets about this exciting discovery, they first demanded to work in the area calmly and carefully so as not to cause misfortune in those bones, especially as they are fragile bones.

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Archaeologists believe that the buried people were most likely poor because they were buried without any personal possessions. They also noted that the graves were engraved along the axis from east to west. They also noted that the heads of the dead were heading west, confirming their connection to a doctrinal system. Scientists also confirmed that these coins minted at the beginning of the seventeenth century during the reign of King Sigismund III.

Scientists have suggested that the coins placed in the mouth denote the ancient Polish belief associated with the afterlife, and these coins were known as the urine of the dead or Charon Opole – a method that according to their beliefs and according to Greek mythology indicates that it is pushed in order to get the soul to the afterlife, and live in bliss and happiness.

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