A 3,000-year-old Egyptian bird mummy examined in Israel

At the Computerized Tomography (CT) Institute at Rambam Hospital in Haifa in the occupied Palestinian territories, there was something exciting this week, so let’s get to know it. Two Egyptian mummies were called into the National Maritime Museum to perform tests through computed tomography, and it is strange that a mummy of a bird was miraculously preserved for more than 2,500 years.

The Rambam Hospital and the Haifa Museum collaborated in a delicate process, the first of its kind. A group of Egyptian mummies present in the National Maritime Museum was brought to the hospital for examination by a CT scan to find out what these mummies contain! Two ancient Egyptian mummies were found – one meter long and dated 500 to 1000 BC, and the other smaller, in the form of a bird.

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The marine museum team, led by the museum curator (Uday Sheila), and the conservation and maintenance team led by the director of group maintenance (Ran Hillel), wanted to know what was inside these mummified mummies. The director of the Haifa Museum (Yotam Yakir) called the director of Rambam Hospital (Dr. Michael Hallbert) to perform a computerized tomography.

While working, he found inside the larger mummy, an inconspicuous substance and would require more tests to understand exactly what it was. However, in the other mummy, the mummified (falcon) discovered, preserved completely and magnificently, by the ancient Egyptians.

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