Kanye West: 15 shocking facts about the rapper you didn’t know

1. Kanye West wanted to flee the country.

After Swift’s acceptance speech incident, fellow rapper Mos Def advised him to leave the United States and settle somewhere else to clear his head and get away from the media. Kanye followed the advice, traveling around the world before finally settling in Hawaii. He came back, of course.

2.  Kanye West lived in China.

Kanye was 10 at the time and apparently quickly picked up the language, although he has since forgotten most of it.

3. Kanye West actually owns multiple Burger King franchises across Europe.

According to business publication Entrepreneur, he bought 10 Burger King franchises across Europe in 2014.

4. Kanye Was Previously Engaged To Designer Alexis Phier.

Image: Pinterest

He was in fact engaged in 2006 to marry the designer Alexis Phier. His other former girlfriends include the model Amber Rose.

5. His Middle Name Is Omari.

Born on 8th June 1977, Kanye was given the full name Kanye Omari West.

6. He has a doctrate.

He received his honorary Ph.D. from one of the top art schools in the US after producing work that is “imaginative and aesthetically rich, and sometimes also provocative and controversial, shifting the cultural landscape in significant ways”.

7. He can literally see music.

Kanye is affected by a sensory phenomenon known as synesthesia, which means that when one sense is stimulated, a second cognitive pathway is opened up involuntarily, leading to a multi-sensory experience when working in art. Put simply: music makes Kanye see colors.

8. Michael Jackson called him for a jacket.

Image: Twitter

Michael Jackson, apparently phoned him up to ask about the jacket he wore in the music video for ‘Stronger’.

9. He was arrested for theft.

In 2000, he was arrested for allegedly stealing printers from OfficeMax after a case of mistaken identity.

10. His father was a Black Panther.

Kanye’s father’s Ray West was a member of the Black Panther Party in the 1960’s American Civil Rights Movement.

Image: Britannica

11. He is the 8th Most Successful Artist In Grammy Awards History.

Image: Pinterest

He has won 21 GRAMMYs until now.

12. He once considered suicide.

It’s no secret that Kanye has struggled with his mental health. He was even hospitalized in 2016 after suffering from “temporary psychosis”, paranoia and depression.

13. He broke down on stage in Paris.

Kanye truly struggled with his mother’s death and broke down mid-performance in Paris whilst rapping the song Hey Mama which was written about the most important person in his life. 

14. Kanye West has fallen victim to an internet death hoax.

It was reported that he died in a car crash in 2009, but was quickly refuted by his girlfriend at the time, Amber Rose.

15. Kanye wants to be the next president of the USA.

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