Friday, August 14, 2020

Immune system fights back even in worst of the COVID-19 cases

A new study reveals that our immune system launches T-cells even in the worst of the COVID-19 cases. The research published in Science Immunology may tell us more how the vaccine works against the virus as it brings T-cells. Experts say this is key to understand the immune response of the body against the disease. Moreover, it will also help us in the vaccine approach set in a generalized manner rather than in a diversified setting.

The study

The study took a total number of 10 patients who are under the severe symptoms of the disease. Most of them were in intensive care units requiring breathing assistance by ventilators. In these patients, we see that all 10 had CD4+ cells, and 8 out of then had CD8+ cells. In Addition to this, they also saw that 2 out of 10 people in healthy controls who was not previously exposed to SARS-CoV-2, which indicates there is cross-reactivity due to previous infections. They also saw that the T cell’s strongest reaction is against the spike glycoprotein, and they also increase in number over time. Overall, the data suggests that there is a T-cell response against the disease, which essentially will help us understand the pathophysiology of the disease.

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Currently, the disease is still circulating in the population and still teaching us new things. While we are exploring more about the disease, we should also see that we need the vaccine for the disease, and this remains the ultimate answer to put an end to the disease. On account of the World Zoonoses day, we should all join hands and fight against more diseases to come in the future.

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Source: Fox News

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