Friday, August 14, 2020

Can Holloway overcome Volkanovski at UFC 251?

UFC 245 didn’t end the way Max Holloway would have expected it to end. Volkanovski won the fight with a unanimous decision to end Holloway’s title reign. This ended Holloway’s two and half year title reign as the UFC’s featherweight champion. However, this doesn’t mean that Holloway can be counted out in their rematch. Even though Volkanovski outpaced the former champion, you can never count out Holloway’s ability to pick his opponents apart. He is still younger than Alexander by three years and possesses an impressive resume.

Max Holloway does not throw as many kicks as he used to in his early career. He has adapted a boxer sort of style during his reign as a featherweight champion. He pushes the pace and outlasts the guy’s in the later rounds. However, he was not the guy in charge of the pace in his fight against Volkanovski. Volkanovski possesses the same attribute of insane cardio as Halloway. But his strength from his rugby days proved quite a handful for Max Holloway. He kept on targeting his legs throughout the match, which ultimately helped him become the new champion.

Image: Sportskeeda

Holloway had four title fights between December 2018 and 2019. This type of workload is quite punishing on a fighter’s body. Moreover, the murder of his cousin just a week before his championship bout against Alexander would have played a psychological effect on his mind. However, he never made such excuses after the loss, which shows his character. He comes after a hiatus of 7 months for this rematch, which would have helped him relax and heal his body. Hence, there are enough reasons to place your bet on Halloway to regain his UFC featherweight championship.

Will Max Holloway regain his championship at UFC 251? Let us know in the comment section.

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