The Bubonic Plague is resurfacing, first case confirmed in China

The world is already suffering from a great pandemic, which is affecting us badly. In addition to this, we already saw the rise of pandemic potential G4 influenza strain in China. Adding to fuel to the fire, there is also concerning a disease that is confirmed in China. Yes, the bubonic plague which caused the black death back in the 15th century is seeping in the autonomous region Mongolia.

The patient is a herdsman held in quarantine and is said to be in stable condition. Reports are also coming in China as they are investigating a possible second positive case. He is said to be a 15-year-old boy who came in contact with a marmot. It is not clear how the former patient contracted the disease.

Image: WebMD

The disease

Plague is an infection caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis and is spread from the rodent through the bite of fleas. Although there are various forms of the disease, bubonic plague has accounted for claiming many lives back in the past. But we can see that the disease can be treated easily, thanks to advancements in antibiotics. Moreover, we can also see bars of concern raising towards whether there will be another pandemic due to disease. We can find answers for this in the recent outbreaks like in Madagascar back in 2017 and in Mongolia last year. While in the former case around 300 patients were affected, only 30 of them died, and in the latter, two people died the same in Mongolia after eating marmot meat.

It is also seen the disease did not spread beyond any borders to affect any people. We see that our understanding of the disease has improved in recent times, and we have medications to fight off the disease. Owing to these factors, we may see that the disease won’t lead to a pandemic situation and claim lives as it did back in the 15th century.

Source: BBC

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