Non-smoking cancer patients can respond differently to treatment

A new major study shows that non-smoking cancer patients respond differently to treatments than their smoking counterparts. The study was carried out in Taiwan, wherein a large population of non-smoking cancer patients was analyzed. To their surprise, scientists found that there were varied generic changes in people depending upon gender or age. It was seen that many non-smokers, especially women, have cancer-causing substances from the environment that vigorously enhance their cancer. The study results were published in the journal Cell is a collaboration of work from the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and their colleagues in Taiwan.

The study

The total population involved in the study is about 103 people of whom the majority were none smokers, and all of them were from Taiwan. While in countries like only a small amount of none smoking populations contribute to lung cancer but in South Asian countries, its vice verse. While scientists we’re focusing on the genes of these patients, they found that the early-stage cancers of none smokers are similar to those of advanced stages in the smoking population. They also found tumors behave differently in women because of the EGFR gene, whereas men have KRAS and APC genes. These differences mean that the therapeutics of the treating men and women will definitely very.

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They also analyzed the APOBEC gene in women with cancers under 60 years and who do not have EGFR faults. They found that patients without these faults tend to do better in immunotherapy, and testing for APOBEC will give us more insight into women who can respond to treatment. APOBEC is a family of genes that play an important role in immunity; these are acquired by cancer cells to utilize them to grow rapidly and protect them against drugs.

Scientists also found potential environmental carcinogens in the environment that leads to cancer. Furthermore, they found that there is a protein that is linked to poorer survival called MMP11. This can stand as important protein as early diagnosis of this protein can tell us how to act in the course of cancer. While the entire study was based on Taiwanese patients, scientists believe that most of these results can be applied to UK patients too. More research on these cancers will give us more answers to help fight them effectively.

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Source: MedicalExpress

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