Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Canadian Prime Minister: “Canada handled COVID-19 better than the USA”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised Canada’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, calling the response better than the one of the States.

Addressing a news conference, he compared the death rates of Canada and the U.S., the latter having almost 4 million cases with caseloads of over one thousand every day. The response by the neighbor countries is stark with one having an extended lockdown and the other directing schools to reopen or “face funding cuts”. Canada currently has a bit more than 100,000 total cases and is refraining from opening its borders, as well as ending a partial lockdown.

Trudeau made these statements after declining an invitation by The White House to attend a celebration over the NAFTA Trade Deal. He “wished the leaders well” and gave the coronavirus pandemic as his reason for being unable to attend.

The US response has been heavily criticized by the world community, with the White House facing outcries from the medical community after sending a notice to officiate the US withdrawal from the World Health Organisation.

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Source: The Hindu

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