China and Kazakhstan disagree over pneumonia deaths in the country

The world is already in a grave situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Adding fuel to the fire, the Chinese embassy at Kazakhstan said that there is the surfacing of pneumonia cases around the country and said to be caused by a virus. The South China Morning Post reports that the Chinese embassy is very concerned after the surge in the pneumonia cases. The news journal also states that the death from this disease is higher than the COVID-19, and the country’s health department is onto its research for finding the possible virus. While the Chinese are sounding alarm about the possibility of a new pathogen in the country, Kazakhstan doesn’t agree and says it is standard pneumonia in people.

The government also dismissed the claims made by the Chinese journal and said it was incorrect. The health ministry also admitted the fact that something is odd with pneumonia. The chief sanitary doctor also admitted that the fatality rate of the pneumonia is around 50 percent. On the other hand, the health minister said that the pneumonia of all types would be treated like COVID-19, in a way to avoid spreading.

While the country is already suffering from 50,000 cases of COVID-19 already, this is adding an extra burden to the situation. It is said that roughly 28,000 people are having this pneumonia, and all have tested negative for COVID-19. At the moment, we do not have a clear picture of this spreading pneumonia. Further digging up will help us reveal more information about pneumonia.

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The Chinese embassy’s concern is understandable because they have been exposed to such a previous situation lately. It all started when doctors from Hubei province stated the surfacing of pneumonia of unknown origin. It went to be the pandemic that we are living in right now. But we need a clear picture of the new pathogen that the Chinese embassy claims and further reports wi tell us more story. As of now, people need not be in a panic situation until clarity is defined.

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Source: Forbes

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