Tuesday, August 4, 2020

U.S. children experience rare multi-system inflammatory syndrome in SC

Children are better at tackling the war against the novel coronavirus when compared to an old one. However, even children have higher mortality rates when they suffer from a rare and potentially fatal inflammatory disease that is linked to COVID-19. Recently, DHEC declared that two children below the age of 10 affected by such syndrome in South Carolina.

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome

MIS-C is a condition where different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, brain, kidney, skin, gastrointestinal organs. It is due to the overactive immune response in children or teenagers. To date, there is no clear reason for what causes this type of effect. MIC-C initially appears as a persistent fever for several days and followed by rashes of the eyes, lip, and tongue. It also causes diarrhea, pain, and swelling of the limbs. This type of hyperactive immune response could lead to inflammation of the blood vessels resulting in cardiovascular system damage. This might be the reason for children getting breathing difficulty too.

This condition appears similar to Kawasaki disease, which is also caused by the stimulation of an immune response and is known to have killed three children in New York. This occurs 30 times more than the normal frequency in children when they conquered the viral infection.

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The study

One study done by the CDC experts involved 186 cases from 26 states between March 15 and March 20. Most patients were between ages 1 and 14, and only 7% were under a year old, while 16% were from 15 to 20 years. The median age of patients was about eight years old, and they were hospitalized for a median of seven days. They noticed a 2% death of the patients in their study, and 20% of the patients needed ventilators to breathe.

Another study by the New York State Department of Health, hospitalized suspected MIS-C cases of 99 children from March 1 to May 20 had a median stay of six days.

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These two studies were published in the New England Journal of Medicine last month, and it signifies that the rare MIS-C condition could be fatal in the children, and 80% of the patients in their study required treatment in intensive care.

Though all children may not suffer from the condition, it is most important to stop the spread of the virus as it is a serious threat for some children. A state epidemiologist, Dr.Linda Ball, has said all to wear masks and to stay six feet away from others to slow down the spread and to limits the threat for the children.

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Source: CNN

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