FDA declares 46 hand sanitizer brands as toxic due to methanol contamination

Amid the pandemic, the use of hand sanitizer has reached spike all over the world to reduce the chance of acquiring the virus. Taking this as an advantage, some hand sanitizer companies try to pull down people to risk by selling harmful products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has flagged dozens of hand sanitizers, must be avoided as they were tested positive for toxic substance methanol.

The CDC has recommended the hand sanitizer since it has at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol, which helps in killing the virus. When ethyl alcohol turned into methanol, it causes serious health issues of the individual on usage. Methanol is a non-drinking type of alcohol used to create fuel and antifreeze. It can be directly absorbed from the skin and cause the skin to dehydrate, resulting in dermatitis. On ingestion, it can even end up in the death of an individual.

The FDA has said that the persons who have been exposed to methanol should seek treatment to reverse its effects. Or else, it might result in headache, vomiting, blindness, seizures, and even death. Previously in June, the FDA has declared nine hand sanitizing products as toxic, and currently, about 59 products are tested positive for methanol contamination, with some have been recalled.

As the US becomes the epicenter of COVID-19, most people require a sanitizer to prevent the infection. The public should be aware of the FDA restrictions of hand sanitizer and should wisely move their steps forward.

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Source: Fox News

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