Monday, August 10, 2020

First COVID-19 vaccine in the US responds well by boosting patient immunity, moves to the final stage

The US has been completely swayed away due to the vigorous action of the pandemic. They are finding various ways to mitigate the effects on the economy and to promote the health of the people. Researchers from the National Insitute of Health and Moderna Inc have successfully developed a vaccine that has undergone an initial trial with 45 volunteers. They noticed that the US participants had developed immunity upon the administration of the vaccine, and they added that it might be a major step to eradicate the threatening virus.

When we compare the level of neutralizing antibodies in vaccinated people and the convalescent, both have similar antibody levels and imply that the vaccine is efficient. This positive result gave much confidence to the researchers. The vaccine will be tested in a 30,000 person study as a final trial that will commence on July 27 to suggest the shots are strong enough to protect against the coronavirus.

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The vaccine requires two doses, a month apart. There were no serious side effects, but many study participants experienced a flu-like reaction to the shot for a temporary period that is common to other vaccines too. The reactions include fatigue, headache, chill, fever, pain at the injection site. The volunteers of the first trial were mostly young adults, and the researchers said that they would expand the shot to dozens of older adults who are at great risk from COVID-19 in the next trial.

The federal government plans to give the result of the vaccine tested to 30,000 individuals by the end of the year, and it might be considered as a fast-tracked completion of the work within 18 months. Two dozen vaccines are prepared and now working at different stages all over the world. China and Britain’s Oxford University have reported that their vaccine study entered into final testing.

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Source: Fox News

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