Monday, August 10, 2020

Instagram launches redesigned “Shop” page and Facebook Pay support

Instagram is finally rolling out their new dedicated shop page which was previously being tested on the bottom tab bar instead of the “Activity” page. Today, Instagram is proceeding with a U.S. rollout of the redesigned “Shop” page within the “Explore” tab. Along with this new update, Instagram is also launching the ability to purchase products and make donations using Facebook Pay.

The “Shop” page before the redesigned resembled a feed very similar to what would be found on a user’s profile, making it not really interactive for users. It also didn’t have a prominent location, being second on the navigation list after “IGTV.” The old Instagram Shop also isn’t designed for discovery and exploring.

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The new Instagram Shop page resembles more of something you would see on Amazon. It has better product category pages, organization, and also moves away from appearing like a plain Instagram feed. Basically, it actually feels like an e-commerce app. There is also a new “Suggested For You” section in the new Instagram Shop.

Instagram Shop

Facebook Pay will also allow users in the U.S. to make seamless purchases, without leaving the Instagram app. This also introduces a new revenue stream for Instagram, as the platform will charge sellers a fee for every transaction it handles. Checkout is also a fast experience for the consumer as he/she wouldn’t have to re-enter their shipping details and card information on every single website visited.

As Instagram is a photo-centric platform, businesses can easily share engaging content with their followers, and tag their products right on the post. Consumers can just tap on the tag and quickly make a purchase using Facebook Pay on Instagram, without having to leave the app. This opens up more opportunities to sell on Instagram, while bringing a more seamless experience for users.

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