Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Android and iOS are releasing 117 new emojis in the fall!

Sometimes the right emoji can get the message across better than a thousand words. What do emojis really mean? They are a visual representation of an emotion, object, animal, or symbol. Emojis were officially invented in the ’90s by the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita and the mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo where he worked.

Last Friday, July 17, was World Emoji Day. As a gift, Android and iOS announced the release of 117 new emoticons to make the virtual world an interesting place. No official date has been announced because they will need time to implement these emojis, but Google and Apple seemed to confirm the launch will take place somewhere in early September this year for both Android and iOS systems.

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SPOILER ALERT: We did receive an inside view of the 117 emoticons approved by Unicode as part of Emoji 13.0. Among the new emojis, you can find a ninja, a bison, a beaver, a plunger, a tamale, and smiling face with a tear, and many more. Taking the opportunity to make more changes, Google even announced the redesign of some previous illustrations to look both friendlier and better on dark mood.

How often do you use or receive emoticons daily? By answering this question, you can see that emoticons are no longer pretty images and that they have become a language itself in the digital era, when most young people will choose options that simplify communication as much as possible, maybe even replacing whole sentences with small illustrations. It is much more comfortable, they are a simple concept, they are fun, captivating and they have gradually become a way to connect people.

The unpleasant aspect of emojis may be that there are often divergences; we no longer use emoticons to express what we really feel. Has it ever occurred to you that while you use the smiling face as an answer, your own is just a poker face? Furthermore, because every smartphone has these representations, we find them everywhere, whether we are talking about text messages, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. More and more influencers have taken advantage of this aspect and use emoticons in social media just as much as hashtags in order to attract as many viewers as possible. After all, a popular emoticon will bring more followers.

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Because we live in an environment where we are assailed by an increased flow of information, emojis are the shortest form of expression. Who would have thought that we would replace whole words with sad or smiling faces, creating more and more emoticons that spice up our daily conversations?

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