Netflix’s new thriller ‘The Gray Man’ directed by the Russo Brothers is its biggest yet

Netflix has teamed up with the Avengers fame Russo brothers to direct a thriller espionage film based on the bestseller of the same name by Mark Greaney. Chris Evans has once again joined hands with the Russo brothers, along with the La La Land star Ryan Gosling, to make this movie.

Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Russos Team for Netflix Movie The Gray ...
The Russo Brothers and Chris Evans as Captain America in the sets of Avengers: Infinity War. | Image: Marvel Studios

From the novel, the synopsis seems similar to the Bourne franchise with chase and capture being the main objective. Court Gentry, The Gray Man, who is reportedly played by Ryan Gosling is an ex CIA operative who is in pursuit of catching hold of Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen. The novel its based-on is critically acclaimed and known for its high octane pacing and action. We can expect the same in the movie too.

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According to Joe Russo, the movie will be “mano-a-mano” representing the different sides of the CIA. Much similar to their former movie with Chris Evans, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. With the recent success of Extraction, they’ve established their talent to write a tactical-action movie. So them taking on this project is no big surprise.

Netflix’s most expensive movie yet was Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. Which went on to get a bunch of academy nominations and acknowledgment from the critics. The movie was estimated to be about 180 million at the beginning. But is expected to have crossed 200 million. The anti-aging used in the movie was state of the art and that bore the majority of the budget.

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This movie might exceed even that being a very action-heavy one. We might be looking at a James Bond-level budget and production of that scale too, bigger even. The Russos’ have rarely disappointed with their box office collection. Considering their earnings, the expenses don’t compare. So Netflix made a wise choice, financially speaking.

With a potential franchise and the recent hike in users, Netflix can really profit off of this venture. As a result becoming a worthy competitor to HBO Max, who are pushing forward with DCEU.

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