Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Redskins former employees allege sexual harassment

Washington Redskin’s fifteen female ex-employees have accused of sexual harassment within the organization. Washington Post posted in a bombshell report this Thursday. This is a fresh controversy for Washington redskins. They were already battling name and logo controversy. Ex-Redskins player did hint at this in a cryptic tweet on 07/16.

Interview with Emily Applegate

Emily Applegate, a former marketing coordinator with redskins spoke with Washington Post on this issue. She said few employees hurled sexual comments and remarks at women employees. Moreover, women were asked to wear revealing clothing and flirt with clients to close sales deals. Washington Redskins threatened to fire these employees at that time if they complained. Therefore, due to this reason, she said that it was the most miserable experience of her life.

Accusations on three high-profile employees

While Washington Redskin Owner, Daniel Snyder, refused to interview for the newspaper on these allegations. Washington Post found three employees involved in such unprofessional behavior. There are two high profile names among these three employees. One of them is Larry Michael, Washington Redskin’s former radio voice. While the other name is of pro-personnel team director, Alex Santos. The newspaper reported that Michael talked about the appearance of female employees in a lewd manner. On the other hand, six former employees and two reporters accused Alex of unsolicited, inappropriate remarks. Moreover, Santos asked of their romantic interest in him.

Richard Mann II, a former assistant director of pro-personnel at redskin is also part of this controversy. Washington Post acquired some text messages from one of the victims. In these, he is debating with his colleagues if a female employee has used the surgical treatment on her breasts. The newspaper sent out a tweet of Mann’s messages and Emily’s statement. However, these 15 employees did not accuse Daniel Snyder of any misbehavior.

Hiring Washington D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson

Redskins have hired Beth Wilkinson to conduct an independent review of this issue. They stated that they take the issue of employee conduct seriously. They added that they do not speak to a specific employee situation publicly. However, they tend to address such issues promptly. Beth will also help the redskins to establish new employee standards for the future.

These issues create a big challenge for Redskins. However, it will be interesting to see how the organization bounces back after this controversy. Moreover, it will help to bring out some positive changes within the Washington Redskins.

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