Art portraying Greta Thunberg was not allowed at artist’s own place

At the age of 17, what would a kid of the present day think of doing in life? Study, score high, hanging out with friends and whatnot, right? But there are kids who have gone beyond, some have started their own business, owning their own company, and being millionaires.

But which kid takes concern over the environment and thinks about future generations’ lives? It could be one in a hundred. But who takes their concerns to a higher level and bring an awakening in everybody’s minds? Greta Thunberg is a young girl of 17,  a Swedish activist, and one of these kids.

North Dakota is well known for the Standing Rock protest of 2016 and as well as for the largest known crude oil reserves. Shane Balkowitsch is an American wet plate photographer which is one of the earliest forms of photography. He took beautiful portraits of the young activist (Greta Thunberg) while one of her visits to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The original image was taken lies in the Library of Congress. He wished to share the image as one among his most important ones. A 7-foot tall mural was set to cover the wall of the Brick Oven Bakery.

He had posted about it on social networks but never expected which came up later. There were many random people online who bugged her and started to erupt against her. Some wished someone else’s picture could be there on the wall but some were sure that it should not be her picture. How can people think to do such a thing to someone who is just concerned for all and not oneself? The artist was very stunned for not being allowed to portray his work in his own place. Other places such as Fargo, North Dakota, and New York City, showed their interest to have the work installed in their place.

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