Friday, August 14, 2020

The new mutant variant of SARS-CoV-2 appears is more infectious and dominates the globe

The heat of the COVID-19 is increasing day by day. The virus also has been mutating slowly, and we are not sure how it will hinder the pathway of developing vaccines, which most countries are focusing on. Currently, there exists a dominant strain of the virus in the world after mutation, which is spreading rapidly, and claims to be more infectious than before.

The scientists found that the mutation had occurred in the original strain of COVID-19 and produced variants within the strain. The variant “D614G” makes a small potent change in spike protein that protrudes out from the virus, responsible for entry into the human cell. It changed amino acid 614 in the spike protein from “D”( aspartic acid) to “G”(glycine). The initial virus from Wuhan had the D-type, but it has been replaced by G-type.

Research suggests that this feeble change affects three identical amino acid chains, which might make the spike protein more effective and causes an increase in the transmissibility. It is capable of forming large clusters at a faster rate than the D mutation. This mutation first came to attention in early April, and now it has become dominant and caused 75% of cases all over the world.

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Professor Nick Loman, the University of Birmingham, has confirmed that the frequency of the specific mutation has been increasing worldwide, and they used computer modeling to demonstrate the structure of the viral protein. They made a breakthrough after analyzing more than 40,000 genomes in the UK.

The new mutation does not mean that it causes more severe effects on the individual. Fortunately, it is not likely to cause any damage, and it does not lengthen the hospital stays too. There is no conclusive study still to suggest the new variant virus as deadly. Even though the strain is dominant across the world, it is believed that it cannot hamper or halt the ongoing research on vaccine development.

Source: New York Post

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