Friday, August 14, 2020

Israeli Museum finds something strange in two Egyptian mummies

Recently, examinations carried out by CT scan of an Egyptian mummy lying present in the Museum of (Haifa) in the occupied Palestinian territories revealed unexpected results, Live Science reports.

The two mummies are in one coffin, Haifa Museum, nearly 50 years ago. They were recorded as human mummies, but with their CT scans, they found something else! When a number of scientists and researchers reviewed the remains of these two mummies, they were surprised that it was not carrying the remains of human mummies.

Moreover, they found that one of the mummies was stuffed with grain and mud. They call it corn mummy or grain! CT scans revealed that the mummy (45 cm) is long in human form, designed to look like Osiris, the Lord of the Hereafter and death, a mummy that contains clay and grains. It is not a real mummy, but it is just an artifact!

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The other mummy they found was just bird remains, which might be a hawk, and lack many parts of the body. It is a mummy with a length of (25 cm) in the form of a bird representing the god Horus. According to ancient Egyptian doctrine, the head of the falcon represented Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis. He is a god associated with the sky. But over time, the bird’s mummy dried out, which meant that the tissues became denser, like beef jerky. Meanwhile, the bone marrow has dried up in the bone, leaving only small bone tubes.

The bird’s neck found to be broken, but it is possible that this injury occurred after his death. This is because the skin is also broken. Moreover, the bird appears to be missing some of the abdominal organs. The heart and the trachea also appear to be present. However, more study needed to find out which devices are missing.

“The bird lost the left leg and no one knows the reason,” said Dr. Maria Javett, head of the radiology department at Rambam Hospital in Haifa in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and an assistant professor of radiology at George Washington University in Washington, DC, who helped examine the mummies. The mummy is more than 2000 years old.

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The research team said that since the Haifa Museum seeks to determine the best way to manage each artifact, and during that process, the researchers arrived to discover the truth about these mummies. This is with dual-energy CT scans that use regular X-rays and less powerful X-rays, a technique that can reveal tissue properties that cannot be scanned by regular CT scans.

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