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An American study: God’s prophets in the tombs of Bani Hassan in Minya

The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections published an interesting study claiming that ancient tombs in the area Bani Hassan in Minya Governorate, Egypt, reveal the form of the prophets Ibrahim, Isaac, and Jacob.

The cemetery of Bani Hassan is located on the east bank of the Nile, 300 kilometers south of Cairo, and is rich in a tremendous wealth of archaeological treasures, including 29 tombs, dating back to about the twentieth century BC during the Middle Kingdom era. It contains murals discovered by British archaeologists in the early twentieth century. It shows scenes from daily life in Egypt during that period.

Recently, a number of Bible experts researched these paintings again and considered that some of them represent well-known images of Israelis. Among these experts is Mr. Tom Mayer is a Professor of Bible and Theology (Shasta Bible College) and California State College, USA. He is a speaker and lecturer who has kept more than 20 books of the Bible, and known even as “The Memory Man.”

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Mayer thought that the Egyptian murals must be in the tombs of Bani Hassan, concurrent with the accounts in the book of the composition of the Bible! He said: If it is proven that you can use paintings that highlight the appearance of Israelis who migrated from the Levant to Egypt.

Professor Mayer added: “If you ever wondered about the shape of famous Biblical patriarchs such as (Ibrahim, Isaac, and Jacob), thanks to archeology, you will not need to ask anymore!” Because of these paintings, he claimed, a picture was on the wall of a rocky cemetery, pointing to a high-ranking Egyptian official and minister named Khnumhotep III, son of the governor of the region. It dates back to the sixth year of the reign of the king (Senusret II) around 1872 BC. Other tomb paintings show a convoy of men, women, and children with livestock and weapons.

Researchers are trying to prove their point of view by saying that this painting coincides with the Bible account of the Israelis who immigrated to Egypt at the time of our master Jacob, peace be upon him. They also say that the painting shows men, women, and children a group of Asian aliens. Some scholars have suggested that they represent a caravan arriving at Bani Hassan to provide eye coating to Khenum II. They affirm their vision that the skin of these people is yellow and not the African-brown skin in which the Egyptians or Africans represented.

The researchers say that this painting gives us insight into the fashion, employment, and physical characteristics of people who lived in the Levant during the period of the Patriarchs of the Bible. People’s colorful clothes, weapons, tools, and livestock are well documented.

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Finally, the researchers say that although this painting was not intended to depict the migration of Israelis to Egypt at the time of Jacob, it does tell us about the type of clothing, weapons, tools, and livestock, and those who accompanied the caravan of the Israelis from Canaan to Egypt about 3,800 years ago.

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