Tech giant Dave owns up to data leak impacting 7.5 million users

To sum the whole story up, your data might be available on a public hacking forum right now and you have no control over it.

Now to elaborate, the digital banking connoisseur confirmed a data leak, after a hacker released the details of 7,516,625 users online on an open site. In an email to ZDnet, the company said that the breach occurred from an old business partner, Waydev, which is a data analytics program.

A breach in the Waydev database led to one-third of Dave’s party service providers getting exposed to a malicious third party. The hacker’s entry point has been plugged, according to the company, and it is now asking the users to change their account passwords so that they don’t incur any damage or loss of money.

Here is what the company had to say about this: “As soon as Dave became aware of this incident, the company immediately initiated an investigation, which is ongoing, and is coordinating with law enforcement, including with the FBI around claims by a malicious party that it has ‘cracked’ some of these passwords and is attempting to sell Dave customer data.”

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The data has been leaked on RAID, a popular site for hackers to reveal and showcase the data that they have gained access to by unethical methods, and ZDnet received a tipoff about the latest data leak as well. The accused has a reputation and has the name of ShinyHunters. He has hacked other sites like Mathway, Tokopedia, and Wishbones before.

The data released has real names, phone numbers, addresses, and even Social Security numbers, although it’s encrypted. Even passwords are present, although they’re hashed too. Dave said that they received no inputs of the hacker trying to access the account by wrong methods yet.

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