Wednesday, August 12, 2020

macOS 8 now downloadable on Windows, Linux, and macOS

The Slack developer, Felix Rieseberg, has once again proven his mettle, as he has made macOS into a downloadable app for everyone. He did something similar back in 2018 when he transformed the Windows 95 into an electron app. This app will have all features of the OS, and even have some pre-downloaded games, since Felix happened upon an old MacWorld Demo CD as well.

He wrote the entire code in JavaScript, and it has a VM (Virtual Machine), and this was able to give the same effect as a Macintosh Quadra along with a Motorola CPU. The app also has games like Dungeons and Dragons, Namely, Oregon trail, to name a few. There are also utility apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

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You can also get Internet Explorer and Netscape on this electron app software, although the founder warns you, stating that the versions are so ancient that you won’t be able to run even Google. The fun part is that anyone can get the app from Github, where Mark has uploaded it.

The size of this app is so small that it beats most of the mobile games out there. This MacOS is available at an unbelievable size of just 250 MB. It’s also absolutely free for anyone who wants to avail it. It seems that Mark did this just so that all of us nostalgic people could have a go at the software again, and it can be downloaded from here.

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