Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Everything you need to know about ODI Super League

ODI Super League is a new kind of points system that decides which teams get qualified for the next cricket world cup and which teams would have to undergo further league phases.

It considers only the matches played after the previous world cup. It would be a fairer process as in the previous method, which used the team rankings, teams that had more resources, even though being down in rankings could just tour the higher ranking teams to increase ranking drastically.

This had an adverse effect on the smaller cricketing nations, which hardly got to tour any strong teams, which meant they were at a disadvantage right from the start. In the new Super League, this would not be an issue as points would be given based on wins, and points would not be affected based on the ranking of the opposition team.

All 13 participating teams would play eight series, each four in home conditions and four away. Each series would consist of 3 matches. Every win will give you 10 points, and a tie or no result will give five points to each team.

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And another important thing is that the country which is going to host the world cup will automatically qualify. The top 7 teams excluding India will be part of the next world cup as India is going to host the 2023 world cup. The bottom five teams, along with the other five associate nations, will play qualifiers, and then the top two teams from these qualifiers will qualify for the world cup. A total of ten teams would play world cup 2023.

The concept seems almost perfect with two significant drawbacks: each team is not going to play with all the other twelve nations, the other one being that win in home conditions or away conditions would give you the same number of points.

Even though ICC says that the only reason for this league is to give all teams equal chances to qualify, I personally feel ICC also wanted to increase the importance of bilateral series that were becoming less and less interesting for audiences to watch.

The Indian captain went on the extent of telling to media that the bilateral series against New Zealand didn’t matter as they were preparing for the two consecutive T20 world cups, which were going to happen before 2023 ODI world cup.

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Well its a good thing that ODI series was going to matter more as the teams would want to win more matches, this would also mean that teams would not play youngsters as often as they were doing previously as the teams would not like even the slightest chance of losing the 10 points. This could mean that workload on senior players would increase, and youngsters would have to struggle even more to get into the ODI teams. Currently, it is common to see that the teams would give rest to the senior players and give opportunities to youngsters while playing dead rubbers or while playing against weaker teams. In the coming days, it would be challenging for youngsters to make the team as each match is very important right now with the introduction of the new ODI Super League.

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