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How did the ancient Egyptians celebrate their holidays?

The ancient Egyptians celebrated many feasts, as we are now celebrating. They had feasts like us, and their festivals were like ours, so their festivals (even if they are many) are not what we can count. However, it is similar to our Islamic holidays, as well as our Christian brothers, in relation to religious occasions! Holidays received a lot of interest in the literature of the ancient Egyptians, which calls us to meditation and consideration, where here (trace) – which dates back to 2500 BC – reveals to us many of these feasts and walls are also listed temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, Dandara and Abydos. Many list the names of many of these holidays.

The feasts of the ancient Egyptians varied. Between official holidays, Like New Year’s Day, floods, and popular holidays, there are relations to a specific category or occasion, such as Christmas, marriage, and local holidays. For a specific region or city, there are celebrations such as the birthday of the local idol and its victory over its enemy.

These festivals participate in their association with religion and belief clearly, as ancient Egyptians celebrated them by decorating temples, lighting them, chanting songs and offering sacrifices, as the masses gathered and the king approached them towards the Holy of Holies carrying in their hands the presentation of meat, flowers, fruit, birds, milk, and perfumes.

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In the city of Thebes (now Luxor), the Egyptians were celebrating the feast (the god Amun was moved from Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple), the procession departs from the Temple of Karnak, led by the priests who carry on their shoulders the trinity boats of kind (Amun, Mut, and Khonsu) – and the boat of Amun alone carried by thirty priests. They leave from the holiest place in the temple until they reach the shore of the Nile so that the holy boats are placed on real boats in the Nile and sail To them south towards the Luxor Temple, and crowds gather on the east bank of the Nile singing and chanting for the procession, as do the priestesses who sing joyful songs and sing joyful songs while carrying musical instruments.

Because of the crowding the police secure the procession and the masses, on the shore of the Nile, in front of the Luxor Temple, boats and priests carry Trinity boats on their shoulders, fans walk behind them, great singers, female dances and play with musical instruments. To Karnak Temple, in the same way, celebrations held there for another eleven days. The strange thing is that the current residents of Luxor still celebrate their religious occasions in the same way as the ancients.

As for the feast (beautiful meeting) – this was his name – the Egyptians were celebrating it when the procession of the goddess Hathor moved from her temple in Dandara, where the priests carried its boat – and around them, crowded crowds – and they headed south through the Nile until they reached Edfu Temple. This is where he spent Her idol husband (Horus) with him fifteen days in a beautiful meeting, and during the procession of the procession stopped in the city (Esna), where its ruler was offers to accompany the procession of the masses 500 loaves of bread, 100 wine bowls and 30 shoulder of cattle. The people of Esna were not known for their generosity. The more the procession sails south, the more fans. In front of Edfu, and on the shore of the Nile, the governor of Edfu – along with the priests and the masses – was waiting for the procession of Hathor, who made them happy with joy, and increased their splendor and brilliance, offerings, chants and chants upon arrival at the temple. Idol Horus takes the goddess Hathor away from the eyes of the masses, and together they spend beautiful times happily and blissfully.

Among the feasts of great importance also among the ancient Egyptians is what is known as the “feast of love” or the thirtieth feast, in which the end of the thirtieth year passes for the rise of the king on the throne, where the king appears on his throne in all his strength, and the masses around him are joyful, upbeat, waiting for the word of the king who promises them. It has a new thirtieth distant city full of comfort and prosperity, and this has been demonstrated by rebuilding some of the temple’s shrines with gold, silver, and precious stones!

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