Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NBA players kneel in support of BLM as season restarts

The first league match after the restart of the NBA season saw teams supporting Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The coaches and players of the teams New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz kneeled during the national anthem. Moreover, the team members also wore BLM shirts and locked arms. NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, was a source of inspiration behind this demonstration.

Both teams issued statements in support of this protest after the match. In their statement, Utah Jazz said that they stand with their player and coaching staff to express themselves towards the BLM movement peacefully. Moreover, it is their first amendment right to use their voices and experience in a peaceful protest. Utah Jazz was victorious in their match by 106-104.

In the next game, players and coaches from LA Lakers and LA Clippers kneeled together in solidarity to support the BLM movement. Media reporters interviewed LeBron James after the match. He hoped that their kneeling before the match made Kaepernick proud. Moreover, he wants to make him proud not only on the basketball floor but also in life. He said that he likes to speak out against the unjust bias. According to him, the basketball floor gives them an opportunity to spread positivity and love throughout the world.

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LeBron James kneeling along with his team members in support of BLM movement

LeBron James also spoke on how the NBA has made progress in tackling racial injustice and bias. However, he believes they have let off their feet off the gas a little bit in the past. They should not be doing that anymore. He said that the black community and people of color deal with a lot of racism, social injustice, and police brutality. He wants to keep people aware of this through movement, such as the BLM movement.

It’s incredible that players stand in solidarity against such prevalent social restraints. This will bring a positive change in society.

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