Elon Musk believes aliens built the Egyptian pyramids, not humans

Our ancient Egyptian ruins and civilization will continue to take the heart of the two worlds, for the wonders they leave some of them beyond the ability of the human mind to believe. This is what really happened when the famous American billionaire (Elon Musk) came out hours ago with some excerpts about the Egyptian pyramids. Where he doubted that those who built the pyramids were human beings, and he claimed that there were strange creatures who built them.

Elon Musk is an American engineer and billionaire born in Pretoria, South Africa, who is a South African father and a Canadian mother. However, at the age of seventeen, he moved to Canada to escape compulsory military service in South Africa. Then he left Canada to study physics at the University of Pennsylvania in America. Musk is 49 years old. Born in 1971, he has grown to be a superstar among businesspersons since he was in his twenties. He has achieved remarkable successes in the field of trade and industry.

Elon Musk, a self-made businessperson, works about 100 hours a week. In his lifetime, he aims to connect humanity with Mars and establish a colony on the Red Planet. Elon Musk, who was spending during his school day other than university (one dollar), now has a fortune of 72 billion dollars.

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Although Musk did not provide any evidence for his claim, his tweets raised hundreds of thousands of followers, and their responses ranged from support and demanding clarification. However, he did not respond to them, as if it were just a slip of the tongue that came out of him in the form of a tweet that he could not find all of these responses.

And because we, as Egyptian archaeologists, have complete conviction that our ancient Egyptian antiquities and civilization have the ability to arouse minds and attract attention because of their uniqueness that is not found in other civilizations in the ancient world; From time to time, we wait for such sounds to appear.

The truth that we must announce here is very simple. We are certain that the ancient Egyptians themselves established these pyramids. The evidence that confirms this is more than counting, the simplest of which is that the civilization that created the pyramids is the same that erected the tombs of the Valley of the King, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Temple of Abu Simbel and other architectural structures that still dazzle viewers and listeners, buildings that were confirmed by the ancient Egyptians.

However, since the wonders of the pyramids are absorbed more than these minds, they often find such sayings from time to time, especially if we know, for example, that the Great Pyramid of Giza is among the greatest engineering works known to man in the world. It is the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exist today. It consists of more than 2 million stone blocks, or more than 2,300,000 stone blocks with a weight of between 2-30 tons, some of which reach 70 tons. Indeed, it known that even the construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1889 CE, the Great Pyramid, was the tallest fabricated building in the world! It is 146 meters high, and its base length is 230 meters.

It is also worth noting here that Egyptologists are still incompatible about how to build the pyramid, there is an opinion put forward by archaeologists at the French Institute of Oriental Archeology in Cairo and the University of Liverpool, where they discovered the remains of the pyramid (ancient slope) around 2560 BC, meaning that it was built The pyramid for the same period, so they thought this slope was used to move alabaster stones from the quarry to the place of the pyramid. However, there are others. They saw that the discovery of (an ancient ramp) does not automatically mean that this is how the pyramids built, because this slope starts from the alabaster quarry, and the pyramid was not alabaster. Also, if it is ramped to move the stones to the pyramid, It must be – and by natural scales – it must reach its length (miles) at least until it reaches the height of the Great Pyramid, and this requires a lot of materials for its construction as well as building the pyramid that was originally built in only 20 years!!

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In addition, many professionals (including me) see the pyramid as a cemetery, but there are scholars who still object to this view and their argument for it. That the Great Pyramid, which was (the tomb of Khufu), has not found the mummy of Khufu inside it yet. In my opinion, the mummy of Khufu has been moved from inside the pyramid, as was the case with the Step Pyramid of Djoser and the pyramid of the Sanfar diagonal, nor are mummies found inside either. There is some evidence that the mummies of both Djoser and Snefru transported from inside the pyramids.

Thus, our Egyptian antiquities and our prosperous civilization will continue to resonate between the two worlds.

In the end, I suggest that the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities host American billionaire Elon Musk in Egypt and that it prepare and prepare for him a trip that will be a myth of the Egyptian pyramids and other antiquities while highlighting the local and international media. This will be a kind of tourist promotion for our monuments.

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