Ancient Egyptians used dental fillings a new study finds

In a fun study, by Greek scientists in an Egyptian mummy dating back to the Ptolemaic period, found in the Museum of Athens, scientists concluded that ancient Egyptians used dental fillings.

In the study published by the American Anatomical Record published by the American Society of Anatomists, which came under the title:- A Ptolemaic mummy reveals evidence of invasive dentistry in ancient Egypt

Through computerized tomography (CT), jointly between the Mummy Research Project of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology, the National Archaeological Museum and the Athens Medical Center. The mummy transferred from the museum to the radiology department of the Athens Medical Center for study. The complete CT scan of this mummy, bearing the number (AIG 3343), which belongs to a man from Akhmim, Sohag, from the Ptolemaic period, goes back to 150-30 BC.

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The results have been proven; there is a reciprocal porous cavity filled with protective materials. Where they found a material with a low density between the second protrusion of the lower right jaw and the first molar, which is a material (filling for teeth) and this material differs from the embalming materials that you use for special occultation and that there are other cavities between the teeth and not stuffed with this material. This confirms that the ancient Egyptians used dental filling.

The study confirmed that the teeth were weak, with a slight loss of enamel and a complete loss of tooth tissue, with significant bone loss in more than one location, the cause of death not yet known.

In fact, this was not the first study to be conducted, so this is the second case of dental filling in ancient Egypt, where a previous study on an Egyptian mummy proved the same result. The ancient Egyptians also advanced in all medical fields, but scientific studies still confirm every day what is new and impressive for the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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