OnePlus will ship phones with Facebook bloatware that cannot be removed

It’s pretty standard for android phones to come with pre-installed skins, app packages, and all sorts of bloatware. OnePlus was one of the few companies which shipped phones with almost a clean OS with no skins and bloatware. It was one of the primary reasons for the company to become hugely successful in the global market.

OnePlus seems to be slowly starting to fill their smartphones with bloatware as well. In fact, it has already done it with their two latest models OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, and continued with the Nord series of phones. All these phones come pre-installed with a bunch of Facebook-owned apps and a few background services on their brand-new handsets, some of which cannot be uninstalled.

This was not talked about much and kind of went unnoticed until Max Weinbach of XDA tweeted a couple of screenshots of the Instagram app updating via the Facebook App Manager service instead of through Play Store as you’d expect. This instantly caught the eye of the people and soon became much talked about on Reddit and Twitter.

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Speaking to Android Police, OnePlus said that by pre-installing these Facebook services, apps such as the main Facebook app and Messenger — both of which are also pre-installed — they’ll end up eating less battery life and enhances HDR playback on Netflix.

Image: Android Police

You can uninstall the user-facing Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps, but not the background services. It is possible to disable them, however, and doing so won’t break anything on your phone. Well, OnePlus clearly said that they would continue these services on all there phones released after OnePlus 8 in Europe, India, and North America. That means if you are using an older version, you can avoid all this mess.

Image: Android Police

Well, this is still not as bad as most of the other android phones. In the times when OnePlus is going head to head against the Google Pixel 4a in the budget smartphone category, this might just give a reason to all those in favor of pixel as it has an entirely bloatware-free OS that too with three years of support.

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