Adding lithium to water supplies will repress the suicide rates, Scientists suggest

Lithium, a monovalent cation, has various functional properties and used as a medicine. It has been used for treating dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and for some bipolar disorders. Recently, a group of scientists from the UK has suggested that this psychoactive drug can be used to revert the suicidal thought when it is mixed with the local water supply. It is a very good mood stabilizer and so more effective in treating mania and depression.

The mechanism of how lithium targets the central nervous system is not clear, and it increases the amount of certain chemical molecules in the brain, which helps to manage mood. The researchers still have no clearcut view of the ideal lithium concentration in the blood. The Experts noticed that there is a small amount of lithium present in the water naturally, and they have linked with the lower suicide rates. They published the report in The British Journal Of Psychiatry.

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There are over 800,000 suicides in a year. In the world of increasing suicides, it will help to oppose an individual’s negative action positively. Also, the current pandemic has made the people sit inside four walls that would pave them to undergo severe mental stress. Therefore, the scientists recommended adding lithium in high-risk communities, although it considered as an out of the box in the medical profession.

The protective ability of lithium could be further tested by randomized community trials of lithium supplementation of the water supply, Vice reports. With the best hope, they will put the clinical trial forward to get the expected results.

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Source: Futurism

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