Perseid Meteor Shower: How to watch the most popular meteor shower of 2020

The Perseid meteor shower is now active and will be seen soon. The shining Perseid is the most popular meteor shower of the year. The Perseid is one of the brightest patches of shooting stars.

Now, we can use them in a more efficient way, which will be adding a beautiful distraction and wonder into these gloomy times. The famous showers come during this time of the month when the Earth drifts through a debris cloud left behind by the giant comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle.

A few small bits of pebbles, cosmic detritus, and dust bang into our atmosphere, burning up into bright and large streaks with occasional full-blown fireball appear across the night sky. Spectators are expecting the highest number of cosmic stars on the morning of 12 August, according to NASA.

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In 2019, a full and bright moon made things a little bit difficult for the skywatchers. But this year, the moon should be less than a half. This year the moon will not be causing much trouble as it will be slightly bright and will be having a smaller impact on the Perseid.

The meteors will peak on the morning of 12 August, they will also be visible on 11 and 13 of August.

When to see them?

Earth will be passing through the way of the Comet Swift-Tuttle from 17 July to 24 August, and will be crossing through dust particles on the morning of 12 August.

This means that there will be less amount of time to see the meteors. But still, there will be some showers left before or after that point.

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