A new study suggests that Cannabis use during pregnancy can lead to autism

In a large scale study, researchers found out that the use of cannabis in pregnant women is directly linked with autism in children. They also found that the incidence is very high, with four children getting the disease among the 1000 persons during a year of exposure, whereas the normal is 2.42. This study comes after the growing recreational use of cannabis among pregnant women, which has raised concerns. Experts also say that we know a little about the effect of cannabis on pregnant women and their babies. Therefore, this study aims to bring about light in this aspect. With countries like Canada legalizing the use of cannabis, its high time we need more studies like these.

The Study

The study published in the journal Nature Medicine reviewed every birth in Ontario from 2007 to 2012. Of the totally surveyed half a million women, 3000 of them were reported to recreationally use cannabis. In addition, several women in this group also used tobacco, alcohol, and opioids. Therefore they segregated only 2200 women who only use cannabis during their pregnancy period. They saw that women using cannabis had preterm births, but after segregation, they found that women in this group had a higher chance of babies born with autism than the rest. The researchers did not know about the insights on how often these women used the substance and the quantity of these substances. Experts say it is one of the largest studies to date and is said to help health workers and pregnant women. Women who are prone to use can seek their health care providers for help and to know more.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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