Belzoni, the acrobatic who stole Egypt’s antiquities!

As he recently published a book entitled The Most Famous Italian in the World speaking of “Belzoni,” the Italian writer Gaia Servadio considers that Belzoni is a “patriot” who made an effort to enrich the culture and knowledge of Europe in particular.

I am writing this article about Belzoni… so we know what it is!

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Belzoni. Who occupied the world and people? Giovanni Battista Belzoni was born in Italy in 1778; For a poor family his father worked as a barber and his desire was for his son to inherit that profession, and thus he received only a weak marginal education, and then he left Italy on his way to Amsterdam and then London and worked there (acrobatic) on the stage and carrying weights, as he was huge, strong, and two meters tall. His roles in the theater were a minor acrobatic, the most famous of which was “Samson Petagoni,” and he continued to perform those roles until he became a familiar face in London, and in the meantime, he got to know “Sarah” and related to her. She and his wife became.

Then Belzoni planned to visit Constantinople, which was one of the entertainment centers in the world, and there he met the agent of “Muhammad Ali Pasha,” and Belzoni spoke in front of him about the possibility of making an advanced water pipe, and he expressed his admiration. Through the agent of Muhammad Ali, his companions, and his wife Sarah to Egypt.

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Moreover, here in Egypt, the real Belzoni story began. Although the (Belzoni water wheel) project did not achieve the desired success; nevertheless, through him, he had access to senior officials in Egypt, as well as his contact with the London Consul and other European consuls; who, by getting to know them, managed to reach his purposes of looting the antiquities of Egypt. The first robbery he carried out was the one in which he defrauded the theft of the statue of “Ramses II” called “Little Memnon” “in Thebes, and with the help of the British Consul in Egypt Henry Salt, I tried to send it to London while it is still on display in its museum until now!

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While Belzoni and his wife were heading towards Aswan, its effects impressed him, and there he suggested to some tribes the idea of unveiling a temple in the waterfall area, and its effects actually appeared, and he was able to see it and reveal two statues in front of him. When the money ran out, he stopped uncovering and began the journey back to Cairo. On his way, he passed the Philae area and expressed his admiration for its temples, and astonished by the obelisk he saw there. In addition, consider taking it to London, which is 22 feet long and 2 feet wide. At first, he took permission from (the ruler of Aswan) to transfer it in the name of the British Consul to Cairo, and then it was transferred to London and still exists, and it is the obelisk that scholars were able through its inscriptions to prepare to discover the ancient Egyptian language!

On his way back, Belzoni conducted excavations in Thebes (now Luxor), through which he obtained dozens of rare artifacts, and the tomb of the first king, the priest who ruled Egypt, also found, and so Belzoni managed within forty-five minutes. Half a month spent on that trip. Obtaining valuable treasures from the antiquities of Egypt.

There, at the British Consulate in Alexandria, he met with a standing ovation, and the British Consul Al-Salt rewarded him with fifty Egyptian pounds, after which Belzoni suggested to the British Consul to undertake another exploration trip on the Egyptian antiquities in Upper Egypt. Indeed, he agreed and gave him the costs he needed, and the journey began. There, in Gouma, in Tayyibah, Belzoni obtained dozens of mummies and rare papyrus and was able to collect more Egyptian antiquities than he collected on his first voyage so that a large ship in the Nile could not carry them, in addition to that. In addition, during that trip and in less than two weeks, he discovered four tombs in the Valley of the Kings!

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Belzoni wanted to repeat his trips, but the British Consul Al-Salt stopped supporting him, and his wife Sarah, who was tired of his frequent trips, went to Jerusalem as a necessity, and yet he made his third and final trip at his own expense. Belzoni had reached fortunes because of selling the antiquities of Egypt, which made him more covetous, and thus Belzoni, the acrobatic, was able to obtain all these precious treasures from the antiquities of Egypt. His work earned him on stage. The ability to deceive and evasive, also earned him – in fact – his administrative competence, his determination to do things, his ability to bargain, and his political games defeated all his strong rivals who competed in plundering Egyptian antiquities that did not find Egyptian. The officials are jealous of them!

Finally, Belzoni sailed to Europe in 1819 CE, regretting his departure from Egypt, and there he published a book that included details of his travels and adventures in Egypt and concluded it saying: “In fact, there is something that invites me to thank him (that is, Egypt). But because some Europeans who lived in it Their behavior and thinking pattern were. Unfortunately – a stain on the forehead of the human race. In 1823 A.D. Belzoni went to (West Africa) and prepared to travel to (Timbuktu) via (the coast of Guinea), but he contracted dysentery and died there in December of that year. He robbed in the Road Kill, and in 1829 AD, his widow Sarah published his drawings on the royal tombs of Thebes.

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How do Egyptian antiquities encounter the coronavirus?

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