Lipoic acid supplements may cause healthy people to lose weight

Lipoic acid is one of the dietary supplements given to overweight people has caused healthy people to lose their weight. The trial conducted by the Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Science University analyzed the effect over 24 weeks of daily 600 milligrams of lipoic acid in 31 people. The data published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that people lost weight and body fat residues. Lipoic acid is produced enough by the body to supply it for enzymes, but when taken as a dietary supplement, perform various functions. This ranges from antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and glucose metabolism. These properties help the supplement to play a vital role in helping people with diabetes, cognitive decline, and heart diseases.

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For these complementary reasons, scientists have always kept an eye on this compound for additional benefits. It has already shown benefits in rodent models and small scale human trials against oxidative stress and circadian rhythm. But these studies have lacunae that were corrected in this trial. One such issue was the studies focused on preexisting conditions like diabetes, so we did not know the entire benefit of the supplement. In addition, more such trials used S-form of the supplement, which is synthesized artificially, but the study used R-from of the supplement that is available naturally. This showed a marked reduction in triglyceride levels in some of the people. But the effect was not seen in all of the population, and the effect was also limited. In addition, people also experienced other effects like a marked reduction in inflammation and reduced oxidative stress. Although these supplements are said to have various benefits, the economic aspect is still a drawback. We hope future research brings more light about the health benefit of the supplement, also paving the way for affordable approach.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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