Instagram introduces identity verification policy. Who is targeted?

Although it all started as a game, lately the social media has become not only a means of entertainment but also an inexhaustible source of information. However, along with the information, false news and conspiracy theories have come along. Well, because of that, new measures were needed.

Remember that seemingly useless picture you had to take with your ID in order to prove that you are you? Well, it might become more widespread than you think. Instagram is trying to keep the community safe and away from these issues, so they plan to verify the identity of suspicious accounts, which can only be considered a good thing.

However, Instagram did not respond to Business Insider’s request to explain its definition of a “suspicious” account.

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How will the security measures work?

The new policy is targeting accounts on which patterns of inappropriate behavior have been observed, those that have more followers in a different location than the one they are living in, or those that post sensitive information with homophobic or racist tendencies that incite to violence.

It is interesting to notice the timing since this information comes just a few months before the US presidential elections. Instagram did respond, and it states that this measure concerns the entire community and so we should not allow ourselves to be misled by false news.

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Facebook already has an identity verification policy in place, but it is used only when it comes to popular pages, not for all users. As Instagram stated, the “guilty” accounts will be asked to identify themselves and send a government ID. If they don’t do this, either their account will be blocked/deactivated,, or they will receive less and less likes, while their posts reach will dwindle to next to nothing.

The news regarding identity verification bodes well for the future. Make us happy and help us feel like we are interacting in pretty much the same way as we do in real life, where we know who we are talking to, who is passing the information along, where we have the option to choose whether we trust that source or not, where we no longer receive information from a stranger hiding behind a monitor or behind a profile picture with an animal/car or landscape.

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