Microsoft updates its flight simulator, and it covers the world!

Microsoft has a famous flight simulator which has been going around since 2006, has for the first time, received a major update, and major would be undermining the fact that they have actually modeled the entire earth! Yes, you read it right, the entire planet! This means you can fly anywhere, and check out the exact same replica of what you have in real life.

You can now see all the big and famous landmarks that are out there, and this is a feat undefeated and untried by anyone else.

This whole task was carried out using the latest technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence; this task was carried out using Machine Learning, where the computers looked at the satellite images provided to them and modeled the whole project out of it. The developers helped the AI at some points, but to say that they even contributed to 10% of modeling, this is overkill. You can check out your hometown or just about anything in this world, and see it how you would see it from a plane.

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This means you can also check out places where you cannot go, say Area 51, or someplace in North Korea. This has opened up a bunch of possibilities that we did not know existed. This is a game by origin, and so there are some challenges and a training session at first, but that’s pretty much it. You can hop on to any plane you like and go anywhere.

This game requires a high-end gaming PC since lower end gaming PC’s can’t render a lot of details. Another X-Box version is in development.

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