An asteroid will strike Earth right before U.S. Presidential Election Day

Everyone might be heard the speculation about a massive asteroid is on the way to clash with Earth. This is apparently going to happen one day before the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Very few news outlets circulated this news. Some people also became afraid after giving attention to this outrageous news. We are already going through a very rigorous time with the pandemic. Can you comprehend an asteroid collision also along with this COVID-19? Is this news true or not?

After hearing this news, no one should be panicked. Some chances always exist, that itself destroys in the atmosphere before touching the earth’s ground.

2018VP1 is the official name for this asteroid. Scientists were already aware of this incidence two years ago, that’s why the asteroid got this name. They discovered this rock-like structure from the sky in 2018, and it was around 450,000 kilometers away from Earth.

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It had an orbital period of 2 years, and it’s presently on its way back to us. The Apollo-class asteroid was assessed to show up within 4994.76 kilometers of Earth. This measurement is deemed as very near as per the space terms. Since it was very near, there arises a chance that it will hit earth on November 2, 2020. That means one day before the U.S. Presidential Election.

Facts that give us comfort regarding the asteroid

  • We can pertain to the size of this rock-like structure with a tiny car that is 2 meters in diameter and 7 feet wide. So it won’t create large-scale wreckage.
  • Most of the time, the asteroids the size of 2018VP1 will effortlessly burn up in the atmosphere.

The year 2020 is already a sorrowful year. We cannot confront an asteroid collision as well. Thankfully, we don’t have to!

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