Crunchyroll releases new subscription tiers and offline viewing for its fans

Remember how, once upon a time, you could watch certain streaming services only if you had an active and working internet connection? Well, that is becoming more and more a thing of the past.

Some time ago, a streaming service that shall remain unnamed (Netflix, basically), recognized the issues caused for its clients by unstable or low-speed internet connections. After all, watching something on such a connection can be a painful experience at the very least.

So, said unnamed streaming service came with an idea which helped them gain even more subscribers and made steps to allow their users to download their favorite shows on their devices and watch them through the dedicated app.

Crunchyroll, always one to pick up on good ideas, has decided that its platform lacks something, gave it some thought, said “Evrika”, and began preparing to implement the idea it came up with.

As you may know, Crunchyroll is one of the main sites for streaming anime, being watched by many upon many millions of users, who want to enjoy the best experience it has to offer. It was established 14 years ago as a for-profit video upload and streaming site that specialized in hosting East Asian video content.

Currently, the platform hosts more than 30,000 episodes, and, depending on the subscription type, you can get access to more episodes and lots of other benefits using subscription tiers like Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan.

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What exactly is the “download” option?

In the last years, the “download” option has gained popularity as a streaming service feature. People may see this feature as a necessity since streaming videos require quite a bit of bandwidth, especially at a higher quality.

It’s like in the early days of the internet. If a webmaster wanted to add videos to his website, he had to post it as a link, and the visitors had to download the file completely before playing it. Other benefits could be users watching multiple times the same video without any additional data costs. Also, the video can be watched while traveling because we all know how well the internet is working underground or aboard airplanes.

Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV are some of the brands that have had the “download content” feature for years. So it is somehow predictable that Crunchyroll, the streaming anime company with over a million paid users, is doing the same thing, giving their users to watch their favorite shows offline.

Crunchyroll has stated that the download option will be available beginning early September when they will also introduce two new subscription tiers, Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan. The new modifications are rolling out through Android and iOS updates.

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