Google Chrome rolls out highly anticipated updates to browser tabs

Google is finally rolling out its Chrome 85 update, bringing much-anticipated enhancements to the way browser tabs can be organized. The company announced the rollout on Tuesday, including a major performance boost that will allow pages to load as much as 10% faster.

The new feature will allow users to collapse tabs into tab groups, after which users can expand and collapse several tabs at once in an organized manner. Since many people usually have separate Chrome windows open for different topics, the new tab groups feature will allow for a more organized tab bar.

“These days, people are spending a lot of time in their browsers to get things done, whether for work, school, or something else,” Alex Ainslie, Chrome’s director of UX, said in a blog post on Tuesday. “And while some write out a formal to-do list to keep track of tasks, for others, their to-do list is their tabs in Chrome.”

Tab groups help you visually distinguish your tabs by topic or task—like work or shopping—or even priority. Now you can collapse and expand your tab groups, so it’s easier to see the ones you need to access. This was the most popular feature request we heard from those of you using tab groups, and as we begin rolling out this functionality, we hope you’ll give it a try.”

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Image: Google

The tab bar also has a new clean and modern user interface, with color divisions representing different tab groups. Along with the new design, hovering over a tab bar also brings up a little popup with a preview, so users don’t have to open a tab to see its contents.

Along with this release, there are many other improvements to the mobile version of Chrome, including switching to an already-open tab from search, and touch-friendly tabs on tablets. Chrome also is improving its “Fill out and save PDFs” features for the desktop.

Battery life on Chrome for Android is also receiving a major improvement with a new beta version of the browser. This beta brings in battery, performance, and memory improvements with new intelligent tab throttling.

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