Facebook sues a fraudster who was selling Instagram fake likes

Since Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps, companies and celebrities have become more and more tempted to obtain likes and followers by any means necessary, including buying them, even though such a practice can harm you in the long run.

With demand comes offers. Therefore, various adds began to pop up from time to time, offering the grail of all social media apps, likes, comments, and followers for various amounts of money. However, such offers were not left unanswered by the companies that create and manage such apps.

A war is being waged on social media against fake accounts and users who are employing certain apps and other ways to increase the number of their likes and followers.

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Everyone has come across apps that will give dream offers such as “last offer, buy right now 5000 likes.” Do not be fooled – this is an illegal business practice.

This is not the first time when Facebook has to deal with the matter of fake Instagram likes by taking the issue to court. Now the company is suing a fraudster from Belarus who was operating by using the “Nakrutka.by” and “Instagram.by” websites in order to cheat users by “helping” them to purchase likes, followers or comments. Of course, they had to pay various amounts of money depending on the quality of the bots used.

According to Facebook’s statement:

“Holper used a network of bots and automation software to distribute fake likes, comments, views, and followers on Instagram. He used different websites to sell fake engagement services to Instagram users. We previously disabled accounts associated with Holper and his service, formally warned him that he was in violation of our Terms, and sent a cease and desist letter.”

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The company stated that they will take legal actions against any and all who abuse their platform. You can read everything about the case against Nakrutka, the developer that was accused of using malicious software to collect data from the users.

Obviously, as a consequence of this controversy and even before, Instagram and Facebook decided to take drastic measures against those who abuse and take advantage of their users, thus hurting their reputation. Only time will tell if these measures will stop them, but at least it will slow them down, and it will make them think twice about whether they are ready to chance a lawsuit or not.

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