Here’s how fake news affects your heart and mental health

Believing in fake news introduces stress, and it might be bad for your heart, health research suggests. People who do not question the source of reliability or have low ‘information discernment’ (ID) often face unhealthy symptoms of physical and mental stress. Social media nowadays is both boon and bane at the same time, because there are many people who are not good at differentiating between fake and real news.

Dr.Geoff Walton said: “Those who aren’t very good at making judgments about the information they read or see in newspapers, TV or social media, experience a negative physical response to it.”

However, people who are good at making judgments about the content of the information eventually lead a better and healthy life. As more of lives migrate online, many believe disinformation.

We have more access to news than ever before—from mainstream news channels to social media to radio and podcasts. Many studies have been gone through by giving people training and teaching so that people are good at making judgments about the information.

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By following this, people will not be having physical or mental stress, which would eventually increase their positive wellbeing. The research revealed people with low ID had a poor cardiovascular and emotional response, while those with high ID had healthier responses.

Fake news is a whirlpool of stress. Misinformation leads to leads to mental illness as people develop anxiety and depression regarding the information and often start overthinking. It occupies space in their minds and is surrounded by depression and fear.

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