Roman Reigns wins WWE Universal Championship

WWE surprised the professional wrestling world by scheduling the return of WWE superstar, Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam. Roman Reigns had voluntarily taken himself off WWE programming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reigns was fighting a battle with Leukemia in October 2018, which had made him immunocompromised. Hence, he decided to take a break from WWE at the start of rising coronavirus cases in the USA just before WrestleMania 36.

Roman Reigns made his return to WWE at their SummerSlam pay-per-view on 23rd August 2020 | Image:

The “Fiend,” Bray Wyatt, fought Braun Strowman at WWE SummerSlam. They had an outstanding singles match for WWE Universal Championship. However, Strowman was not able to overcome the challenge posed by Fiend. Wyatt reclaimed the Universal Championship at SummerSlam from Strowman. Then there was a surprise attack on both the competitors by the returning Roman Reigns. Reigns, with a new impressive physique, gave a beat down to both Wyatt and Fiend at SummerSlam. Hence, making his presence known in his “yard.”

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Immediately, Reigns found himself in the WWE Universal Championship match at WWE PayBack under triple threat rules. This was announced on WWE SmackDown that took place last Friday. Adam Pearce, a WWE producer, was asked by Vince McMahon to get the contract signed among the three wrestlers. This gave WWE universe another shocking moment. Roman Reigns aligned himself with advocate Paul Heyman. However, he didn’t sign the contract and asked Pearce to make some necessary changes.

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At Payback, WWE Universal champion The Fiend made his awe-inspiring entrance. However, Braun Strowman ambushed him before the match began, and the bell rang. Both Strowman and Wyatt fought each other for 4-5 minutes with Roman Reigns nowhere in sight. Braun rag-dolled Fiend around the ring tossed him into the LED board and went through the tables off stage. He got the Fiend back in the ring and traded blows until he went to the top rope and was subdued by Wyatt. The Fiend took him down from the top, and the ring broke.

Roman Reigns is the new champion and you can believe that

Roman Reigns showed up at the entrance along with Paul Heyman. He signed the contract and went into the ring and hooked up Wyatt’s leg. Bray kicked out of the pinfall at two twice. Then Reigns went to Strowman, but the monster kicked out at two as well. Reigns took up a chair and pummeled Strowman with it. He went to hit the Fiend with the chair, but Fiend caught him into the Mandible Claw. Reigns gave him a low blow and speared Braun Strowman and won the WWE Universal Championship via pinfall.

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This is the start of Roman Reigns’ era and his fresh alliance with Paul Heyman. How would this duo affect the professional wrestling landscape? Let us know in the comment section.

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