Chasing celebrity through hashtags. Twitter explains how trending works!

We spend our virtual lives in a space that gives birth to misinformation, spreads false news, incites to hatred, discrimination, and where evil takes unimaginable proportions.

In the fight against misinformation and discrimination, more and more social media platforms are trying on new changes. Twitter announced on Tuesday that they will introduce more context for trending topics. Many users, whether they are employees or external sources, have pushed for the removal of this feature, but Twitter has come up with a reply that adds pinned tweets and descriptions to help users better understand why that topic is trending.

This feature teaches new and existing users on how to find information on Twitter and makes it easier for them to navigate news topics. These trends can now be organized according to your interests, your location, and more, which applies even to global trends or the people that you follow, in other words, the community you belong to. Next to each trend, you can see the approximate number of tweets associated with that hashtag.

Twitter stated: “In the coming weeks, you should see brief descriptions added to some trends as well to help add context to the trend. Descriptions will provide straightforward, clearly sourced context around why something is trending. Descriptions are developed by our curation team and follow their guidelines. Descriptions on trends will be found on and Twitter for iOS and Android.”

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” For you” page before Twitter new feature rollout
“For you” tab after Twitter add more context to Trending Topics

A trend is determined by a number of algorithms, a combination of words, number of re-tweets, i.e., how many users share your post or use your hashtag.

Following the recent social unrest caused, in part, by the COVID-19 crisis and political upheaval, Twitter decided that it is time to promote healthy discussions and prevent malicious trends from spreading.

So the hashtag situation can be an opportunity; even if you are probably a wonderful writer, with the help of this feature, you know exactly what would interest people. Be careful though, it’s very possible that you will not have the same visibility if you do not use the right hashtag. Engaging in trending Twitter hashtags can help you to attract a highly relevant and, if lucky, substantial following that can be interested in what you have to say.

“We know all too well that the Internet is a reservoir of micro-celebrities”, said David Weinberger, a researcher at the Harvard Berkman Center for the Internet and Society.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve probably never heard the names of some people; that’s about the culture of web celebrity compared to the traditional one in the TV or tabloid space.

Unsuspected ways of the webspace, but many influencers have found the recipe for success on Twitter after carefully studying algorithms and participating in masterclasses that leisurely explain what steps they need to follow to become famous and stay that way.

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