The mystery behind Leonardo da Vinci’s painting ‘Salvator Mundi’

It is said that the painting was initially found in the year 2005 and said to be one among Leonardo da Vinci. The painting was put up for exhibition in the year 2011 at The National Gallery in London; such paintings are very rare, which are done by the world-famous artist himself. It is also said that Salvator Mundi is one of the first paintings of da Vinci in 1909 as the Benois Madonna came to the knowledge of all.

About Salvator Mundi

Its a painting of the Christ who is dressed in a blue holds an orb in his left hand while the other hand is in a blessing gesture. This painting is one of the 10 paintings that went in auction at Christie’s for $120m, and the record was broken by Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger, which sold for $179.4m in the year 2015. Later the sale of Salvator Mundi was given out for $450 million, and ever since, its whereabouts have been a mystery. When questions poured when the painting dint come to light later on, its current locations were being repeatedly questioned.

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The questions got their answers when a London based art dealer spoke up and directed the location to a superyacht worth $810m owned by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. And also came to know that the painting was to be kept in a show at Abu Dhabi’s Louvre Museum as to show its value a pride for being so much of worth. But the actual shock is that some experts have come up with an explanation to state that the painting was never painted by da Vinci at all.

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Points to prove wrong of the painting

Jacques Franck is a French Art expert and has come up with points that say the painting Salvator Mundi was not painted by da Vinci.

The points are first the blessing hand, where the fingers look like that of a child’s and not an adult, and the position in which the fingers are held are too accurate to da Vinci’s other painting. He also says that it could be possible that the two best pupils of da Vinci who are Salai and Baltraffio, might have painted it. Second is the shadow effect near the neck portion, the childish look, and also the simplified version of the mouth all strick oddly. But otherwise, ”its quite an inconceivable depiction,” he states.

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Source: The Guardian

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