Inter-Afghan peace talks reconvene after an interlude

The Inter-Afghan peace negotiations between the Afghan government with current president Ashraf Ghani, and the Taliban Insurgence Group, reconvene talks, after stalled negotiations in March. Meetings take place in the Taliban’s headquarters office, situated in Doha, the capital of The State Of Qatar. Since a peace deal between the US and the Taliban was reached in February 2020, talks stalled in March due to a conflict of interest between agreements of prisoner releases. President Ghani refused to meet the Taliban’s peace talk conditions of releasing all 5000 Taliban prisoners held in Afghanistan’s government custody, over the presidents’ concerns of safety and juristic accountability, which brought a halt to pressing inter-Afghan peace meetings.

The inter-national pressure in reaching an agreement, after Afghanistan’s presidential election dispute over fraudulent claims as well as the upcoming US presidential election on November 3, 2020, adds to the heat in peace talks. The US troops’ withdrawal deadline is making it also a time-sensitive matter after 18 years of US military interventions. Whilst the inter-Afghan talks stalled in March, the tensions increased. Three, further, fatal, terrorist attacks killed further civilians. Executed by suicide bombers and gunmen, the Daesh militant group admitted, for having been behind two out of these strikes.

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The fatal attacks involved the maternity ward of a hospital in the Hazara neighborhood, as well as a holy place of worship for the Sikh religion; both attacks took place in the capital, Kabul. In addition to a suicide bomber attack at a police chief funeral in the Nangarhar Province. Claiming in total 81 deaths, amongst were; nurses, newborn infants, and high profile politicians. More than 150 individuals survived with injuries. Adding to the more than 1 million civilians killed in Afghanistan during terror attacks as well the over 2.5 million Afghan refugees, which are displaced by its endless wars and are in the top three nationals, forming the migrant crisis.

On August 9, President Ghani confirmed the prisoner release of 400 Taliban’s. Less then four weeks later, the Taliban have agreed on continuing the Inter-Afghan peace talks with the government, as part of the US-Taliban peace deal in Doha.

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“Peace is more than just an absence of war. True peace is justice, true peace is freedom, and true peace dictates the recognition of human rights.” Quote by Ronald Reagan, in reference to Helena Malikyar’s article on the Inter Afghan Peace Talks 

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The Afghans, consisting of a very young population (majority is between 18-40 years), doesn’t desire a break of previous political regimes or a continuation of facetted corruption and its violent ramifications, including Taliban’s violent longterm propaganda. Instead, a continuation of the humanitarian work is desired, that the US military troops, performed by default, for the past 18 years whilst their military presence. Trauma resolution is desperately needed with an essential standard of living instead of permanent derailment threads through infinite greed and power hunger.

Dreams of a country that is allowed to create freely, without the permanent thread of punishment as a tool of oppression and suppression, are what fuels that new generation of hope. Going back to the original meaning of peace, its freedom to change, not merely its formal connotations for all involved, powerful parties. This is silently imagined by a population whose only current future lies in their hope for another tomorrow. Not a past, most of them only remember, by its life’s it took. 2.5 million Afghans joined the international refugee crisis, due to the imminent threat, against life whilst more than 1 million lives were radically killed on Afghanistan’s battleground.

The Taliban are globally known for their sectarian, far-right approach, their monopolizing of resources through the strategic radicalization of intercontinental enforcement within geopolitics, and its mercenary enforcement.

The Taliban’s extensive human rights violations and abolishment against Afghans escalated to war crime levels, including many atrocities of torture and immediate death, that added to the international refugee crisis with the displacement of over 2.5 million young Afghans and in over 1 million civilian deaths. After the New York September 11 Attacks, that took 2996 lives and injured many. It led to the 18-year-long US military employment of their troops in Afghanistan.

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In the process of seeking out the military resolution of its experienced trauma with terror, its soldiers discovered a shocking anachronism of infrastructure that managed to shed a spotlight on highly complex conflicts of a resourceful country, whose citizens were historically exploited and muted. This offered in a process that didn’t involve everyday person’s concerns and interests, but offered only pain and suffering instead by an ideology, that exploits even fate and faith.

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Source: Aljazeera

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