Leader Mohamed Korim: One of Egypt’s greatest leaders

It is essential that we always remember Egypt’s leaders who sacrificed for its independence. Rising with all precious and precious, and from this, Leader Mohamed Korim.

Two hundred twenty-two years ago, on September 6, 1798, the Egyptian leader, and hero, the ruler of Alexandria, was executed during the French entry and occupation of Egypt. Leader Mohamed Korim refused to hand over the city to the French and kept resisting them. First, the French fleet faced when it arrived in Alexandria, with fishermen and workers. When the French stormed the city and destroyed its fortresses, they did not surrender. Rather, they led their resistance on the streets of Alexandria. He sent his messengers to other cities as Rashid and Cairo to prepare to confront the occupied French.

The French have managed to arrest him. At first, they tried to seduce him with positions and keep him as governor of Alexandria, and indeed they released him and left him in office, so he took advantage of this release and resorted to the desert to prepare the Mujahideen and send them to the ranks of the resistance, and led a resistance movement The accounts of the enemy, who soon managed to arrest him again, and even sentenced him to death by shooting in the castle square in Cairo for resistance (and betrayal of the French Republic)!

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Before the verdict was executed, Napoleon sent a letter to the investigator ordering him to offer the Leader Mohamed Korim to pay a ransom of 30 thousand riyals within twenty-four hours. Muhammad Karim refused to pay the ransom. He himself confirmed his rejection and said: ”If I was able to die, I would not be deprived of death to pay the ransom, and if I was destined to live, what would I pay.”

The leader Mohamed Korim was originally from Alexandria, born in the Anfushi neighborhood before the middle of the eighteenth century, and raised an orphan, and opened a small shop to be killed from him. He was hesitating on mosques to learn in it, and he knew among the people of Alexandria his homeland. His courage is becoming very popular among people.

When the authority in Egypt came to two Mamluk leaders in Cairo, Murad Bak and Ibrahim Bek, Leader Mohamed Korim, was appointed governor of Alexandria and its customs director for his great position in the city.

May God have mercy on the Leader Mohamed Korim.

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