Typhoon Haishen slams into South Korea after razing Japan

Within just a week of the Typhoon Maysak causing destruction, Japan and South Korea have been hit again with Typhoon Haishen. Typhoon Haishen, at one point, had winds of up to 200km/h and is equivalent to a low-end Category 2 hurricane in the Atlantic.

The Kyushu region in Japan was hit by the storm, leaving nearly 440,000 homes without power. About 23,500 households are also in the dark in the Korean peninsula.

Destructive winds accompanied by heavy rainfall battered South-Western Japan, though the damage caused was less than predicted by initial assessments.

How has Japan been affected?

Authorities had ordered around 1.3 million people inhabiting the province of Kyushu to evacuate the area. About 50 people have been injured, as reported by Japanese media.

Evacuation centers had to decrease the intake of people for maintaining COVID-19 prevention measures. Hotels were packed with people to avoid over-crowded evacuation centers. Four people were reported missing after the rains triggered a landslide in Southern Kyushu.

More than 500 flights were canceled with the closure of train services, schools, factories in the affected area.

The search for the Gulf Livestock 1 that was carrying 43 crew members and 6,000 cows has also been put to a halt by the Japanese Coast Guard. The ship went missing during the Typhoon Maysak.

Impact in South Korea

The Typhoon had weakened by the time it reached South Korea, with winds up to 126km/h. Landslide alert of the highest level had been raised by South Korea’s Korea Forest Service.

About 1,650 people were evacuated from the path of the storm. Hundreds of flights were canceled. Turbine generators of 2 nuclear power plants had stopped automatically in the city of Gyeongju.

North Korea braces itself as Haishen is forecasted to disrupt the city of Chongjin.

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Source: The Guardian

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