A small summary of what to expect in the iPhone 12

Just around 2 weeks from the unveiling of the iPhone 12, the latest phones from Apple, we have a lot of speculations floating around. With edges similar to that of iPhone SE (squared edges) and rumors about a model smaller in size too, lets kickstart the summary.

We expect 5G in this year’s Apple devices, which allows for faster data connections. There are 4 iPhones expected this year that makes the whole deal very exciting. The sizes and the specs vary in these 4 models: 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.1 inches (Pro), and 6.7 inches (Pro).

As mentioned before, the new iPhones will have square edges, as we’ve noticed dummy models of a similar kind float around. Also, we’re expected to have an all OLED lineup this year which is a welcome change from the LED screens present in the cheaper iPhones up till now. OLED means that budget iPhones will now have a more vibrant look overall. The Pro models may or may not have a 120 Hz refresh rate screen called ProMotion.

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The cameras are varying between 2 and 3 but the top model could be getting a LIDAR, which is object detecting using lasers. This calls for better AR experiences. This might follow the iPad Pros who got it earlier this year.

A major change that is expected to come is the removal of the charger and the headphones from the box. This can be due to the fact that all iPhone users already have them and can also prevent e-waste generation, which is a great move.

Apple will still offer a USB Type C cable. There is also a rumor about a 20W charger that may be sold individually. A new processor is also in the air, termed as A13 Bionic, the chip will have faster processing rates and a better AR experience. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the iPhone will launch later than usual, and therefore it might come out with the iOS 14.

The prices are expected to be around 649$ for a starting range. The RAM is the usual 4-6 GB and the spaces are touted to be around 128 GB for a base version of the higher models. The battery is expected to be smaller than before so that could create an issue later.

This was a summary gathered from various sources, and here’s to hoping that the new model crushes all expectations.

Source: The Verge

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