COVID-19 patients still had breathlessness for weeks after discharge

We all are going through a very tough time. The entire planet is struggling because of this pandemic. Patients who were admitted to the hospital because of severe COVID-19 infection still had some breathing problems and lung problems even after weeks from being discharged. A report came out last Sunday on behalf of this problem.

Researchers in Austria selected and tracked 86 COVID-19 patients after their discharge from the hospital. After the tracking and examination of patients, they also released the primary results of their findings.

According to the Guardian, CT scans determined 88 percent of the patients still had signs of lung damage. While 47 percent were experiencing breathing issues, post the discharge. Twenty-four of the patients also had less than 80 percent of the lung volume available for breathing compared to the average person in that time period.

Coronavirus in the Lungs: What Does COVID-19 Really Do to Your Lungs?

Dr. Sabina Sahanic of the University Clinic in Innsbruck told the paper: “COVID-19 survivors have persisting lung impairment weeks after recovery.”

Different scans, lung function measurements, and clinical examinations were used to examine the patients 42 days after discharge. They repeated the procedure again after 84 days. Most of the patients are male, and nearly 50% are current or former smokers. 65% of them are overweight or fat.

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The Guardian reported that the significance of lung damage was yet common at the 12-week effect. When compared to the 6-week evaluation, while signs of breathlessness were down eight percent, it had decreased by 32%.

Eighteen of the patients had the most severe lung damage at the time of their release and admitted in intensive care—however, patients in both hospitalized areas showing a very slight improvement. The study also found that health problems were still visible, whether the patients lie in the ICU.

Some patients whose condition improved during the study also showed signs of heart damage.

Tom Wilkinson, professor and consultant in respiratory medicine at the University of Southampton, said, “The Austrian study reports short-term follow-up results in a hospitalized cohort, demonstrating there is ongoing evidence of both heart and lung impairment in a large proportion of patients at 12 weeks from discharge.”

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