The Rolling Stones altered a ‘Crap’ song’s genre and made it a hit

The Rolling Stones, one of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the world, was formed in London in 1962. They are known for having written some exceptional songs.

One of the Rolling Stones’ biggest hit was nearly a Reggae song. Furthermore, it remained unreleased for a period of five years after it was written. Even though it consisted of Keith Richard’s favored guitar riffs, it was shelved by the band.

The Rolling Stones change a reggae song into a rock song

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Just like many great bands, The Rolling Stones also experimented with multiple genres of music. Including rock, disco, psychedelic music, baroque pop, and country music.

Keith Richards once revealed in an interview with the Guitar World about how one of their songs had transitioned through genres. The song was initially a Reggae song but later on went on to become something phenomenal and completely contrasting.

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“I was convinced that was a reggae song…. We did 45 takes like that. But then on a break I just played that guitar riff, not even really thinking much about it; we did a take rocking away and then went back to work and did another 15 reggae takes.” stated Richards. He disclosed “Start Me Up” has one of his favorite riffs in the Rolling Stones’ discography even though it almost wasn’t a rock song.

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Mick Jagger said that everyone in the band believed that the Reggae version of the song “Start Me Up” was “crap”. In accordance with that, the Reggae version was’t the one which became a hit. It was only later on when it was transformed into a rock song and was released.

According to Guitar World, Jagger rediscovered the rock version of the song five years after it was recorded and thought it was amazing. Richards wished it hadn’t taken so long for that version of “Start Me Up” to resurface.

Start Me Up -The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones released the rock version of “Start Me Up” as a single from their album. According to Billboard, it peaked No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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